Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Harry Greb, Sam Langford, Ezzard Charles, Joe Gans.  Better than Mayweather?

Mayweather recently made headlines when he told ESPN that he believes he's the greatest fighter ever. Mayweather bills himself as "TBE," which is an acronym for "The Best Ever."

He said he feels he's better than Sugar Ray Robinson, who is widely regarded as the best boxer ever, or Muhammad Ali, who as heavyweight champion in the 1960s dubbed himself, "The Greatest."

The panel was asked to vote for the 15 men they felt were the greatest of all-time, and there were no restrictions on whom the panel chose. That led to the first Yahoo Sports All-Time Top 25 list.

Robinson, not surprisingly, gained 10 of the 11 first-place votes cast and wound up atop the list. He earned 164 of 165 possible points.

Mayweather wound up 19th and Pacquiao tied for 22nd.  Surprised Pacquiao even made the list.

I'm surprised Duran was fifth, then again he was a killer as a lightweight.  Also surprised to see Rocky Marciano not on the list.  No Joe Frazier or Mike Tyson either.


Here's Bert Sugar's list.



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