Wednesday, April 01, 2015

NBA player rankings

ESPN ranks the NBA's starting PGs.

At the top of the list are Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, John Wall.

I was surprised to see Mike Conley ranked fifth ahead of Lillard, Lowry, Tony Parker, Kyrie Irving, Jeff Teague, Derrick Rose.

At the bottom of the list, Marcus Smart, Elfrid Payton, Jeremy Lin, Isiah Canaan, Dante Exum.  Three rookies and a virtual rookie.  I would rank Payton higher.

Somehow Jose Calderon is ahead of MCW, Patrick Beverly, Reggie Jackson.

Deron Williams is just ahead of Calderon, which shows you how far he's fallen.

Well, I guess they're all pretty good just to be a starter in the NBA.



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