Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sam Hinkie has a plan

Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie held a 40-minute press conference in Friday to discuss trading away two of his team's most productive players for future draft picks at the trade deadline.

The Sixers under Hinkie are the most radical experiment in American sports. Since he took over after the 2013 season, he has traded away the team's best players, refused to sign free agents, spent as little money as possible, drafted players who are injured or overseas, and hoarded picks through an unceasing series of trades.

It's blatantly anticompetitive on a night-to-night basis, and a lot of people — NBA fans and otherwise — hate it.

At his press conference, Hinkie explained his thinking.

He said that the only way to win an NBA title is to have a team that can win 55+ games every year. And the only way to have a team that can win 55+ games every year is to get great players. And the only way to get great players is to have enough picks to either 1) draft a great player, or 2) put together a trade package for a great player that can help you make a "big leap."

Hinkie is only trying to build a championship-level team. He's not interested in building a team that can just make the playoffs, or even win a series or two. He wants a juggernaut, even if it means Philly is the worst team in the NBA for a few years.

When asked when he'll know when the rebuilding process is complete and he has the right players in place, Hinkie responded ominously, "We'll all know. We'll all know."



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