Friday, June 19, 2015

Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock

They're still active?  I guess this would be good match in a video game.  Or a movie..

Anyway, they actually did meet at Bellator 138 tonight.

Friday night's Bellator event in St. Louis was headlined by a fight six years in the making, pitting 41-year-old onetime Internet sensation Kimbo Slice vs. 51-year-old MMA legend Ken Shamrock. Kimbo ended up scoring a knockout with a vicious punch in 2:22 of the first round. Neither man had participated in a professional mixed martial arts fight since 2010.

When the bell rang to start the fight, Shamrock went for a takedown right away, eventually scoring a trip takedown, although Slice was able to get right back up. A minute later, Shamrock scored a single-leg takedown, then got Slice's back. He sank in a rear naked choke, then a neck crank, but Slice was somehow able to survive in the submission attempt for over half a minute, then wriggled free. Both men made it to their feet and Slice immediately unloaded, rocking Shamrock and then knocking him down and out for the win.

Slice entered the fight (his first for Bellator) with a professional MMA record of 4-2. Shamrock (also making his Bellator debut), entered with a 28-15-2 record, with two of those losses coming in his most recent year in MMA, 2010. The catchweight fight in the main event of Bellator 138 was at 232 pounds.

*** [6/28/15] fight fake? (see comments)



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