Monday, February 08, 2016

NBA 2015-2016

3/3/16 - Ty Lawson agrees to deal with Pacers
3/2/16 - Kevin Martin bought out by Minnesota
3/2/16 - Atlanta signs Kris Humphries
3/2/16 - Rockets to buy out Ty Lawson
2/27/16 - Joe Johnson to sign with Miami
2/25/16 - Nets buy out Joe Johnson who gives back $3 million
2/22/16 - Knicks sign Jimmer Fredette
2/22/16 - David Lee signs with Dallas
2/18/16 - Clippers steal Jeff Green from Memphis for Lance Stephenson
2/18/16 - Markieff Morris traded from Phoenix to Washington for DeJuan Blair, Kris Humphries and a protected first-round pick
2/18/16 - Cleveland trades Anderson Verajao to Portland who sends Jared Cunningham (expected to be waived) and a second-round pick to Orlando who sends Channing Frye to Cleveland
2/18/16 - Oklahoma City acquires Randy Foye from Denver for D.J. Augustin and Steve Novak (and $8 million less in luxury tax)
2/18/16 - Pistons acquire Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton from Houston for Joel Anthony and a lottery-protected (1-6) 2016 first round draft pick  [trade rescinded]
2/18/16 - Brooklyn hires Sean Marks as general manager
2/16/16 - Orlando trades Tobias Harris to Detroit for Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova
2/16/16 - Memphis trades Courtney Lee to Charlotte who trades P.J. Hairston to Memphis and Brian Roberts to Miami who trades Chris Anderson to Memphis
2/8/16 - New York fires Derek Fisher
2/1/16 - Phoenix fires Jeff Hornacek
1/22/16 - Cleveland fires David Blatt
1/11/16 - Brooklyn fires Lionel Hollins
12/1/15 - Lakers end Philadelphia's 18-game losing streak (actually 28)
11/29/15 - Kobe announces retirement (at end of season)
11/18/15 - Rockets fire Kevin McHale
10/25/15 - Flip Saunders passes away at 60 (reactions, KG)
10/22/15 - Tristan Thompson signs with Cleveland for 5 years, $82 million
10/20/15 - 2015-2016 GM Survey
9/25/15 - World Peace returns to Los Angeles
8/27/15 - Darryl Dawkins dies at 58
8/20/15 - J.R. Smith returns to Cleveland for two years, $5 million per season
8/7/15 - 34 players at USA Basketball mini-camp
8/1/15 - Olajuwon and Mutombo suit up for Team Africa
7/31/15 - Kings to hire Nancy Lieberman as assistant (hired)
7/30/15 - Minnesota signs Andre Miller
7/27/15 - Miami trades Shabazz Napier to Orlando for second round pick
7/27/15 - Cavaliers send Brendan Haywood and Mike Miller to Portland
7/22/15 - Richard Jefferson signs with Cleveland for the veteran's minimum (to replace the retired Shawn Marion)
7/20/15 - Nuggets trades Ty Lawson to Rockets for Nick Johnson, Kostas Papanikolaou, Pablo Prigioni, Joey Dorsey, lottery-protected 2016 first-round pick, and cash considerations
7/17/15 - Josh Smith leaves Rockets for Clippers for the one year veteran's minimum of $1.5 million (still gets $5.4 million from the Pistons)
7/16/15 - J.J. Barea re-signs with Dallas for four years, $16 million
7/16/15 - Cuban and Ballmer clear the air
7/15/15 - Deron Williams signs with Dallas for two years, $10 million
7/13/15 - Austin Rivers re-signs with Clippers for two years, $6.4 million
7/13/15 - Pacers acquire Chase Budinger from Minnesota for Damjan Rudez
7/13/15 - Andrea Bargnani chooses New Jersey over Sacramento
7/13/15 - Oklahoma City matches Portland's offer sheet for Enes Kanter
7/10/15 - Amare Stoudemire signs with Miami for one year, $1.5 million (the minimum)
7/10/15 - Kevin Garnett to re-sign with Minnesota for two years, $16 million
7/9/15 - Dallas trades for Zaza Pachulia from Milwaukee for second-round pick / Mark Cuban moves forward / Jordan tweets apology / the great emoji battle / JJ Redick reveals what actually happened
7/9/15 - LeBron James to re-sign with Cleveland for two years, $46.9 million
7/9/15 - Enes Kanters signs max $70 million four year offer sheet with Portland
7/9/15 - Kings trade Ray McCallum to Spurs for second round pick
7/9/15 - Tim Duncan agrees to take $10 million for two years
7/9/15 - Gerald Green signs with Miami for one year
7/9/15 - Jeremy Lin signs with Charlotte for two years, $4 million
7/9/15 - Luis Scola headed to Toronto for one year, $3 million, which meant Luke Ridnour leaves another team
7/9/15 - DeAndre Jordan re-signs with Clippers after all / reactions, Desperately Driving Cuban?, Chandler Parsons says it's nothing personal / what's the deal, they do it all the time in college football / Doc Rivers view / The Antonio McDyess story / Keith Olbermann's Reversal Hall of Fame / Emojis from Paul Pierce
7/8/15 - Clippers trying to get DeAndre Jordan to reconsider his decision
7/8/15 - Wesley Johnson to sign with Clippers for league minimum
7/8/15 - Charlie Villanueva returns to Dallas for one year, $1.5 million
7/8/15 - Wizards sign Alan Anderson for one year, $4 million
7/7/15 - 13 remaining free agents worth mentioning (Jeremy Lin makes the list this time)
7/7/15 - Golden State trades David Lee to Boston for Gerald Wallace
7/6/15 - Free agent winners and losers
7/6/15 - Mo Williams returns to Cavaliers for 2 years, $4.3 million
7/6/15 - David West agrees to take $1.4 million from Spurs instead of $12 million from Pacers and Ginobili decides to return (for two years, $5.7 million)
7/6/15 - Corey Joseph agrees to sign with Toronto
7/6/15 - Minnesota agrees to terms with Euroleague MVP Nemanja Bjelica for three years, $11.7 million
7/6/15 - Marc Gasol returns to Grizzlies for five years, $110 million
7/6/15 - Pistons re-sign Reggie Jackson for five years, $80 million
7/6/15 - Lou Williams to sign with Lakers for three years, $21 million and Brandon Bass
7/5/15 - Rodney Stuckey re-signs with Pacers for three years, $21 million
7/5/15 - Steve Nash training to play professional soccer
7/4/15 - Jeremy Lin not worth mentioning? (David Lee too -- well he's not a free agent)
7/4/15 - Tobias Harris staying with Orlando for four years, $64 million (turning down Sacramento)
7/4/15 - Kosta Koufas leaves Memphis for Sacramento for $33 million, four years
7/4/15 - Lakers will trade for Roy Hibbert from Indiana for second round pick
7/4/15 - LaMarcus Aldridge will leave Portland to sign with San Antonio for $80 million, four years
7/3/15 - Derrick Williams signs with the Knicks for two years, $10 million
7/3/15 - Rajon Rondo leaving Dallas to sign with Sacramento for one year, $10 million
7/3/15 - Marco Bellinelli leaving San Antonio to sign with Sacramento for three years, $19 million
7/3/15 - Patrick Beverly to return to Houston for $25 million, four years
7/3/15 - Corey Brewer to return to Houston for $24 million, three years
7/3/15 - Gary Neal signs with Wizards for one year, $2.1 million
7/3/15 - DeAndre Jordan leaves Clippers to sign with Dallas for $80 million, four years
7/3/15 - Robin Lopez leaves Portland to sign with Knicks for $54 million, four years
7/2/15 - Free agency Day 2 blog
7/3/15 - Wesley Matthews to leave Portland for Dallas for $65 million, four years
7/2/15 - Jared Dudley headed from Milwaukee to Washington for second-round pick
7/2/15 - Kenyon Martin says he is retiring
7/2/15 - Ed Davis agrees to take $20 million for three years from Portland
7/2/15 - Greg Monroe signs with Milwaukee for three years, $50 million
7/2/15 - Dwyane Wade stays with Heat for 1 year, $20 million
7/2/15 - Shane Larkin to join Nets for two years, $3 million
7/2/15 - Phoenix trades Marcus Morris, Danny Granger, Reggie Bullock to Detroit for future draft pick (and salary cap space) (official)
7/2/15 - Monta Ellis signs with Indiana for four years, $44 million
7/2/15 - Arron Afflalo signs with Knicks for two years, $16 million
7/1/15 - a hectic day in the NBA
7/1/15 - Sacramento dumps Jason Thompson, Carl Landry, Nick Stauskas, future first round pick, and two first round swaps to Philadelphia for overseas players and a future second round pick
7/1/15 - Spurs trade Tiago Splitter to Atlanta to free up cap space
7/1/15 - Draymond Green agrees to take $85 million for five years to go back to the World Champions
7/1/15 - Suns sign Tyson Chandler for $52 million, four years and bring back Brandon Knight for $70 million, five years.
7/1/15 - Paul Pierce to sign with Clippers for three years, $10.5 million
7/1/15 - Paul Milsap to re-sign with Atlanta for three seasons, $58 million
7/1/15 - DeMarre Carroll signs with Toronto for four years, $60 million
7/1/15 - Kyle Singler signs extension with Oklahoma City for $25 million, five years
7/1/15 - Amir Johnson signs with Celtics for two years, $24 million
7/1/15 - Brandon Wright signs with Memphis for three years, $18 million
7/1/15 - Kevin Love will remain with Cavaliers for five years, $110 million, Tristan Thompson to get $80 million for five years, Iman Shumpert to get $40 million for four years.
7/1/15 - Danny Green will take $45 million for four years to stay with Spurs
7/1/15 - Bucks to give Khris Middleton, $70 million, five years
7/1/15 - Damien Lillard near max-level extension for $120 million (make that $125 million+, five years to remain with Portland
7/1/15 - Goran Dragic agrees with Heat to $90 million, five years
7/1/15 - Mike Dunleavy agrees to return to Chicago for $14.4 million, three years
7/1/15 - Portland agrees to sign Al-Farouq Aminu (from Dallas) for $30 million, four years
7/1/15 - Kawhi Leonard agrees on five years, $90 million
7/1/15 - New Orleans brings back Omer Asik for five years, $60 million and Alexis Ajinca for four years, 20.5 million
7/1/5 - Anthony Davis agrees to maximum extension for five years, $140 million
6/30/15 - Luke Ridnour traded for the fourth time in less than a week (OKC to Toronto for Tomislav Zubcic)
6/26/15 - NBA draft trade roundup
Greivis Vasquez traded from Toronto to Milwaukee for 2017 first round pick and rights to no. 46 pick Norman Powell
Atlanta trades rights to no. 15 pick Kelly Oubre to Washington for rights to no. 19 pick Jerian Grant and two future second-round picks
New York trades Tim Hardaway, Jr. to Atlanta for rights to no. 19 pick Jerian Grant
Portland trades Steve Blake and rights to no. 23 pick Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Brooklyn for Mason Plumlee and rights to no. 41 Pat Connaughton
6/25/15 - Memphis acquire Matt Barnes from Charlotte for Luke Ridnour.  Ridnour traded to Oklahoma City for Jeremy Lamb
6/24/15 - Luke Ridnour traded from Orlando to Memphis for rights to Jannis Timma
6/24/15 - Portland trades Nicolas Batum to Charlotte for Gerald Henderson and Noah Vonleh
6/16/15 - Michael Malone agrees to be Denver head coach
6/16/15 - Lance Stephenson traded from Hornets to Clippers for Matt Barnes and Spencer Hawes
6/11/15 - Ersan Ilyasova traded from Milwaukee to Detroit for Caron Butler and Shawne Williams
6/2/15 - Chicago hires Fred Hoiberg as new head coach
6/1/15 - New Orleans hires Alvin Gentry as head coach
5/28/15 - Chicago fires Tom Thibodeau
5/12/15 - New Orleans fires head coach Monty Williams despite making the playoffs / Calipari anyone?
4/30/15 - Billy Donovan agrees to coach Oklahoma City
4/23/15 - Scott Brooks fired as Oklahoma City head coach after seven seasons



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