Saturday, March 12, 2016

2015-2016 Rainbow Warrior Basketball

[3/12/16] Hawaii wins Big West tournament, headed for The Big Dance

[3/8/16] Stefan Jankovic named Big West Player of the Year, Eran Ganot named Big West Coach of the Year

[10/16/15] $700,000 settlement deal for Gib Arnold

[9/2/15] Jakob Cornelissen walks on from Australia
[9/2/15] Gib Arnold hired as Celtics scout

[8/21/15] Warriors land guard from Sweden

[7/15/15] Gib's coaches: where are they now? / Benjy Taylor is now a car salesman

[6/24/15] UH to change shoes from Adidas to Under Armour
[6/21/15] Jack Purchase to transfer from Auburn to Hawaii

[6/21/15] UH rebuts Gib Arnold's counter-allegations
[6/11/15] Gib Arnold responds to UH lawsuit
[6/10/15] Gib Arnold rounding up allies
[6/7/15] Dave Rozitis issues statement in defense of Gib Arnold

[6/4/15] Former Arizona State forward Sai Tummala commits to Hawaii

[5/29/15] Gib Arnold and UH headed to arbitration

[5/27/15] Negus Webster-Chan to turn pro, forsaking final two years

[5/23/15] Chris Acker is the third assistant coach

[5/17/15] Norm Parrish named as second full assistant

[5/16/15] The University of Hawaii said it will vacate 36 victories; reduce scholarships, practice time and tryouts; cut back the role of its operations director; pay a $10,000 fine; and place itself on one-year probation for violations of NCAA rules by its men's basketball program.

The self-imposed sanctions, contained in a 64-page reply to the NCAA on Friday, were immediately blasted by fired coach Gib Arnold's attorney, James Bickerton, who categorized them as "a typically shortsighted action, throwing students and their achievements under the bus to save their own okoles."

[5/12/15] Bryce Canda Q&A
[5/11/15] Ganot's first recruit is Bryce Canda

[5/1/15] Awards banquet and sendoff for Benjy
[4/29/15] Ganot yet to sign contract
[4/24/15] Ganot's first hire is Adam Jacobsen
[4/14/15] Isaac Fleming will stick it out

[4/10/15] Ganot sees it as a calling
[4/10/15] Ganot is out to build a culture
[4/9/15] Eran Ganot introduced as the 21st coach for Hawaii basketball



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