Thursday, October 23, 2014

the NBA GM survey

linked from a Kenneth Faried article

NBA Champion - San Antonio over Cleveland
MVP - Lebron over Durant
Franchise player - LeBron over Anthony Davis and Durant
Player which forces adjustments - LeBron over Durant
Breakout player - Anthony Davis over Bradley Beal
Best point guard - Chris Paul over Russell Westbrook (by far)
Best shooting guard - James Harden over Klay Thompson (by far, Kobe is third)
Best small forward - Lebron over MVP Durant (75% to 25%)
Best power forward - LeMarcus Aldridge tie with Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis not far behind
Best center - Dwight Howard over Marc Gasol and Joakim Noah (no mention of Cousins)
Rookie of the year - Jabari Parker over Wiggins
Best rookie in five years - Parker over Wiggins (barely)
Biggest steal in the draft - Rodney Hood over Doug McDermott
Best international player - Nowitzki over Tony Parker.  Marc Gasol is third.
International breakout player - Valanciunas over Giannis Antetokounmpo
Best defensive player - Noah over Lebron.  Howard and Ibaka tied for third
Best perimeter defender - Lebron over Kawhi Leonard and Tony Allen
Best interior defender - Noah over Ibaka and Howard
Best defensive team - Chicago over Indiana (by far)
Best head coach - Popovich (by far)
Best motivator - Popovich over Rivers
Best in-game adjuster - Popovich over Carlisle (barely)
Best runner of offense - Popovich over Carlisle (by far)
Best defensive schemes - Thibodeau over Popovich (by far)
Best assistant coach - Alvin Gentry over Adrian Griffin, Tyronn Lue, Ettore Messina, Mike Woodson
Player who will be best head coach - Chris Paul over Steve Blake (somehow Andre Miller and Rondo got votes)
Team most fun to watch - Golden State over the Clippers
Best home court advantage - San Antonio over Denver
Most athletic - LeBron over Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook (by far, surprisingly)
Pure shooter - Curry over Korver
Fastest with ball - Wall and Westbrook tie
Best moving without the ball - Korver over Redick
Best getting his own shot - Durant over Carmelo (over LeBron and Kobe)
Best offensive rebounder - Drummond over Love (Reggie Evans is third)
Best passer - Chris Paul over LeBron (by far).  Rondo and Rubio tied for third
Most dangerous in the open - LeBron
Best finisher - LeBron over Griffin (by far)
Toughest player - Tony Allen over Kobe Bryant and David West
Best leader - Duncan over Paul, LeBron, Garnett
Best role player - Diaw and Faried (tie)
Best basketball IQ - Chris Paul over LeBron, Duncan, Nash
Shot-taker with game on line - Durant over Kobe and LeBron (by far surprisingly)



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