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2014 Rainbow Warriors football

[8/22/14] Reardon predicts four wins, nine losses

[8/27/14] Bob Hogue predicts 3 wins, 10 losses

[8/29/14] Stephen Tsai predicts 5-8 after a 1-6 start.  [10/26/14 - Actually it was Ferd Lewis and it wasn't a 1-6 start, the games are listed out of order.  Lewis predicted a Hawaii win over Nevada.  Previously Reardon, Hogue and Lewis were 7-7]

[8/30/14] Washington 17, Hawaii 16 [0-1]

[9/3/14] A late surge of fans

[9/6/14] Oregon State 38, Hawaii 30 [0-2]

[9/8/14] Joey Iosefa out 4 to 6 weeks with fractured ankle

[9/13/14] Northern Iowa 24, Hawaii 27 [1-2] (replay)

[9/20/14] Hawaii 12, Colorado 21 [1-3]

[9/23/14] Jeremy Higgins career ended with fractured hand

[10/4/14] Hawaii 14, Rice 28 [1-4]

What's Hawaii's power ranking?  Before the game, Hawaii was ranked 93 by (surprisingly high), Rice was ranked 116.  SMU was last at 128.  Oregon was no. 1 (lost).  Alabama was no. 2 (lost).  Oklahoma was no. 3 (lost).  Texas A&M was no. 4 (lost). had Hawaii at 119, Rice at 93, SMU at 125, and UNLV last at 128.

[10/6/14] Norm Chow's wife, Diane, suffers brain aneurism

[10/10/14] I'm getting the sense that people think Hawaii has a good chance to beat Wyoming tomorrow.  I wonder what the point spread is?  According to epsn's survey, Hawaii is favored by 6 by all five services it covers.  Team Rankings has Hawaii rated 97 (-11.9)  and Wyoming at 112 (-15.1).  So I presume that means Hawaii would be favored by 3.2 points on a neutral field. now has Hawaii ranked 93 (unchanged from last week) with Wyoming ranked right behind at 94 (down from 84 last week).  Despite last week's win over Hawaii, Rice moved up to only 112 from 116.

At the start of the season, Hawaii was ranked all the way up at 59.  And Wyoming was 128.  But actually after no. 27, the teams were ranked in alphabetical order.  Hawaii then went to 100.  Then 94.  Then 95.  Then 94.  Then 93 and 93.

[10/11/14] Wyoming 28, Hawaii 38 [2-4]

[10/13/14] Iosefa facing suspension on suspected DUI

[10/15/14] Iosefa suspended 3 games

[10/17/14]  What's the spread this week?  San Diego State favored by 8.  Despite their win, Hawaii is now ranked 98.  San Diego State is ranked 80.

[10/18/14] Hawaii 10, San Diego State 20 (16th straight road loss) [2-5]

[10/25/14]  What's the spread this week?  Nevada by (only 3).  After their loss, Hawaii is ranked 97 (up 1).  After their big win again BYU, Nevada is ranked 61 (up from 69).  Next week's opponent, Utah State is ranked 65, but has already handily defeated UNLV (ranked 122) today.  Hawaii will play UNLV on November 22, the second to the last game of the season.  After tonight, Hawaii has two more home games, Utah State and UNLV.  So far Hawaii is 2-2 at home.  In the last three games at home, Hawaii has scored 38, 27, 30.  In their last three games on the road, Hawaii has scored 10, 14, 12.

[10/25/14] Nevada 26, Hawaii 18 [2-6]  So far Reardon and Hogue are 8 for 8.  Lewis missed this one.

[10/29/14] Coach Wagner has been traveling to football games

[11/1/14]  Maybe Hawaii got a chance with Utah State down to its fourth string quarterback?  What's the spread?  Utah State by 3.  Hawaii is still ranked 98.  Utah State is ranked 68.

[11/1/14]  Not so.  Hawaii looks badly overmatched losing 35-14, dropping their record to 2-7.  Their fourth string quarterback went 14-15 for 186 yards and 3 TDs.  Woolsey did pass for over 300 yards, though was sacked numerous times.

Reardon and Hogue are now both 9 for 9.  However Reardon predicted an upset victory for Hawaii over Colorado State on the road, while Hogue predicted a blowout victory for Colorado State.  Hogue's pick is looking good at this point.  But if Hawaii wins, Reardon will look like a genius.

[11/3/14] Reardon: Unless Hawaii rallies for a miracle stretch run it will be time for a coaching change — and this is regardless of claims that UH doesn't have the money to do it. It will lose more in the long run if it does NOT find the funds to buy out Norm Chow after three years of averaging less than three wins per season.  [stating the obvious line of thinking]

[11/4/14] Salanoa-Alo Wily stuck with the Rainbow Warriors

[11/8/14] Ben Clarke keeps the faith

[11/8/14] Hawaii (2-7) at Colorado State (8-1). Hawaii has lost 16 times in a row on the road and 19 times in a row on nationally televised games.  (Today's game is on ESPNU.) What's the spread?  Colorado State by 20.5 or 21.  Well I guess that's not as bad as Presbyterian against Mississippi (50.5 point spread).  Hawaii rank is now down to 101.  Colorado State is at 55.  By the way, Utah State is up 11 spots to 57.

Reardon not a genius.  Hawaii (2-8) outmatched 22-49 by Colorado State (9-1) [video].  Well looking at the records...  So that's 17 road losses in a row.  Woolsey takes responsibility.  Hogue 10 for 10.

[11/9/14] Up next?  San Jose State.  They're ranked 89 with a record of 3-6.  Hawaii is down to 107, which means they're supposed to be better than 21 teams in the country.  UNLV is the 123 with the same records as Hawaii.  SMU is up to 125 even though they haven't won a game yet.  Wyoming (Hawaii's only D1 victory) is 98 with a record of 4-6.  Fresno State is 91 with a record of 4-6.  The next three games would all be winnable (if they were playing at home).  Hey you never know.  Buy low, sell high. Time to bet Hawaii.

SMU plays South Florida this week, maybe their first win?  San Jose State lost 24-38 at Fresno State yesterday.  Their three wins are against North Dakota, @Wyoming, UNLV.  This sounds like a fairly even matchup on a neutral field.  But they only lost 38-31 to Colorado State at home.

[11/10/14] Reardon: it almost never ends well
[11/11/14]  UH athletic projected deficit soars to $3.5 million.
[11/12/14] Jordan Wynn isn't cutting it..
[11/13/14] Pereese Joas was the guest who wouldn't leave.

What's the spread this week?  San Jose State by 10.5.  Hawaii is ranked 105 which is actually 2 spots up from last week.  San Jose State is ranked 89.  A winnable game for Hawaii if they were playing at home.  I don't care, I'll take the points.

[11/15/14] San Jose State coach calls Norm Chow a mastermind

[11/15/14] San Jose State plays more like Hawaii than Hawaii.  And Hawaii shuts them out 13-0 ending their 17 game road losing streak.  San Jose State outgained Hawaii 462 yards to 240 and out-first downed them 24-11.  The difference was they missed three field goals (two blocked) and fumbled four times, losing two.  Hawaii kicked two field goals and didn't fumble.  Bob Hogue's streak comes to an end as he picked San Jose State to win handily.

[11/17/14] Maybe Chow should be gone ... but not if his team wins out. -- says Reardon
[11/19/14] Nine transferred home
[11/20/14] Tyler Hadden: in search of a tree
[11/20/14] Everybody knows Beau Yap
[11/21/14] Bobby Hauck too (Norm Chow is not the only one)
[11/20/14] Scott Harding: the most interesting man in college football
[11/20/14] Numerous attempts by the Review-Journal to interview Jay were unsuccessful.
[11/20/14] Three reasons why UNLV will beat Hawaii

[11/21/14] Hawaii favored by 10.5.  After their road victory, Hawaii has zoomed up to 98.  San Jose State is down to 95.  UNLV is 122.

[11/21/14] Calen Friel loves football and the Hawaii seniors

[11/22/14] SMU nearly won last week, but fell 14-13 to South Florida in the final seconds.  That puts them at the top(?) of the Bottom Ten rankings. UNLV is no. 9, but play Hawaii today.  Surprisingly (to Hawaii "fans"), Hawaii never made it to the Bottom Ten this season.

Wow what a game!  UNLV takes a quick 14-0 lead victimizing the Hawaii secondary.  Hawaii comes back with a long catch by Ewaliko, the running of Iosefa and a long run by Sainte Juste and takes the lead 21-14.  UNLV brings in their starting QB, Decker, who hasn't practiced all week and retakes the lead 28-24.  Then Iosefa scores with 2 minutes left and Hawaii takes the lead 31-28.  Then Dekker throws a TD with 15 seconds left to apparently win 35-31.  However two personal foul penalties on the play gives Hawaii good field position after the kickoff.  Woolsey completes a pass to take it to 20 with 5 seconds left.  An incomplete pass took it down to 1 second. Then make-or-break pass to Kemp is complete and Hawaii pulls out a miracle victory.

Iosefa wound up with 219 yards rushing on 35 carries.  Sainte Juste had 11 carries for 88 yards.  Pareese Joas had 2 carries for 33 yards.  Hawaii finished with 348 yards rushing.  UNLV finished with 423 yards passing.

After Hawaii's Aloha Game for the 23 seniors like Beau Yap, the Star-Advertiser runs a story on players who spurned UH and went to UNLV.  (Actually I don't know how many of them were recruited by UH.  Good thing this is an anonymous comment.  Apparently Tau Lotuleilei wasn't recruited.)

The win saves Chow's job for at least a week.  It'll come down to Fresno State on the road which isn't going to be easy.  They defeated Nevada handily on the road.

[11/24/14] Chow detractors remain steadfast

[11/26/14] Marcus Kemp appreciates the support

[11/26/14] Despite the near-victory, UNLV is up (down?) to no. 3 on The Bottom Ten.  SMU remains on top (bottom?).  UNLV is no. 4 on ESPN's Bottom Ten

Hawaii has slipped to an even 100 in the rankings.  Fresno State is up to no. 86.  Hawaii is an 11-point underdog.

[11/28/14] Bobby Hauck resigns as UNLV head coach.

[11/29/14] Fresno State off to quick 21-0 lead.  Goodbye Norm Chow.
28-0.  Goodbye Norm Chow.
28-7.  Still goodbye Norm Chow
28-14.  Hmm.
28-21.  Hmm.  Maybe not?
Time runs out.

Hawaii finishes 4-9.  Reardon wins after all.

Follow the flow of the game in the "fans" comments (lol).

Rainbow Warriors rally, but lose again
Hawaii stumbled at the start
Hawaii falls for prank calls
Harding demonstrated his style 86 times

[12/1/14] Chad Morris to be next head coach of SMU
Chow looking forward to next year
Time for a change?
What will Ige do?

[12/3/14]  Hawaii finishes the season ranked #100.  SMU finishes their season no. 1 in ESPN's Bottom 10.  Not sure if there's going to be another poll.  UNLV is no. 3.  No. 5 is UCLA after their loss to Stanford (their record is 9-3).  Steve Harvey's list should be out today or tomorrow.

[12/3/14] Scott Harding named All-MWC punter, but not the special teams player of the year which went to Will Conant, the kicker for Air Force.  Garrett Grayson of Colorado State is the offensive player of the year.  Zach Vigil of Utah State is the defensive player of the year.  Jim McElwain of Colorado State is the coach of the year (on the way to Florida?)  Harding was also honorable mention as a PR.  Three of Hawaii's offensive linemen made honorable mention: Kody Afusia, Ben Clarke, Sean Shigematsu.  The other Hawaii players to make honorable mention are Tyler Hadden, Taz Stevenson, Beau Yap.  All are seniors except for Clarke.

[12/5/14] Reardon: At UH things don't happen because of leadership

[12/18/14] Scott Harding named second-team All-American

[12/19/14] 24 Rainbow Warriors to graduate Saturday



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