Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The $15 lineup tweeted out the following game Tuesday. The goal is to select an all-time NBA team with just $15, with some of the greatest players ever given different prices.

Not surprisingly, the game has taken the Internet by storm, creating countless debates.

My team?  Oscar ($4), West ($3), Dr. J ($3), Dirk ($2), Wilt ($3).  Considering I rank Wilt as the greatest player of all time and Oscar as the greatest PG of all time.  Then I rank West over Kobe [now I see I didn't before].  The forwards were harder.  Duncan is probably the bargain as I don't think Malone and Barkley are any better than him.  Dr. J was incredible in his ABA days, but I think Durant might have a better career barring injury.  Might even wind up as the greatest scorer in NBA history.  LeBron over Bird?  Yeah, I think so.  Except for all those incredible clutch shots.

OK, I changed my mind.  I'll take Durant and Duncan instead.  Oscar, West, Durant, Duncan, Wilt.



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