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NBA deals 2012

2012 free agent tracker

2/21/13 - The five dullest deadlines since 1987

2/21/13 - The big names stay put

2/21/13 - Knicks sign Kenyon Martin, send Ronnie Brewer to Oklahoma City for second round pick.  Oklahoma City sends Eric Maynor to Portland.

2/21/13 - J.J. Redick, Gustavo Ayon, Ishmael Smith traded from Orlando to Milwaukee for Doron Lamb, Tobias Harris, Beno Udrih

2/21/13 - Marcus Morris traded from Houston to Phoenix for second round pick

2/21/13 - Jordan Crawford traded by Washington to Boston for Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins

2/21/13 - Houston acquires Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia, Tyler Honeycutt from Sacramento for Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Toney Douglas.

1/30/13 - Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi traded from Memphis to Toronto for Jose Calderon and Ed Davis.  Jose Calderon traded from Memphis to Detroit for Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye.

10/27/12 - James Harden, Cole Aldrich, Lazar Hayward, Daequan Cook traded for Oklahoma City to Houston for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, two first-round draft picks and a second-round pick

10/3/12 - Rasheed Wallaces comes out of retirement to join Knicks

9/14/12 - Matt Barnes signs with Clippers

9/12/12 - Andre Blatche signs with the Nets

8/29/12 - Don't crown the Lakers just yet.  Remember Gary Payton and Karl Malone?  (Of course it didn't help that Malone got injured.)

8/13/12 - Carlos Delfino to sign with Houston

8/10/12 - Dwight Howard (and Earl Clark and Chris Duhon) to be traded from Orlando to Lakers.  Andrew Bynum will go from Lakers to Philadelphia.  Andre Iguodala will be sent from Philadelphia to Denver.  Denver will send Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic, rookie Moe Harkless, three first round picks and 2013 second-round pick to Orlando.  Jason Richardson will go from Orlando to Philadelphia.

Wait the first rounders are supposed to be from each of the three teams.

So Orlando gets Afflalo, Harrington, Vucevic, Harkless, three first rounders, one second rounder and gives up Howard and Richardson.

Lakers gets Howard, Duhon, Clark and gives up Bynum and a first rounder.

Philadelphia gets Bynum and Richardson and gives up Iguodala and a first rounder.

Denver gets Iguodala and gives up Afflalo, Harrington, Vucevic, Harkless, a first rounder and a second rounder.

8/7/12 - Terry Stotts hired as Portland head coach
8/7/12 - Dan Roundfield drowns in Aruba

7/30/12 - Nate Robinson signs with Bulls
7/30/12 - Willie Green traded from Hawks to Clippers for rights to Sofoklis Schortsanitis

7/28/12 - Jacque Vaughn named new head coach of Orlando
7/28/12 - Andrei Kirilenko signs with Minnesota for two years, $20 million

7/27/12 - Robin Lopez and Hakim Warrick traded from Phoenix to New Orleans; Wes Johnson and future first round pick goes from Minnesota to Phoenix; New Orleans sends contracts of Jerome Dyson and Brad Miller to Phoenix; Minnesota also receives three second-round picks (and gets to sign Andrei Kirilenko)

7/24/12 - Minnesota trades Wayne Ellington to Memphis for Daunte Cunningham
7/24/12 - Houston signs Omer Asik for three years $25 million after Chicago fails to match

7/20/12 - Denver signs Anthony Randolph

7/19/12 - Courtney Lee to be sign-and-traded from Houston to Boston for JaJuan Johnson, Sean Williams, E'Twaun Moore, and second-round pick

7/18/12 - Antawn Jamison to sign with Lakers
7/18/12 - Portland matches Minnesota's offer for Batum
7/18/12 - Denver re-signs JaVale McGee
7/18/12 - Denver amnesties Chris Anderson
7/18/12 - Clippers amnesties Ryan Gomes

7/17/12 - Knicks decline to match Rockets offer for Jeremy Lin (surprise, anticipation)
7/17/12 - Kris Humphries re-signs with Nets for two years, $24 million
7/17/12 - Grant Hill to sign with Clippers
7/17/12 - Wizard amnesties Andray Blatche

7/16/12 - O.J. Mayo to sign with Dallas
7/16/12 - Aaron Brooks signs with Sacramento
7/16/12 - Kyle Korver traded from Chicago to Atlanta for trade exception and cash
7/16/12 - Phoenix puts in the winning bid for Luis Scola, amnesties Josh Childress
7/16/12 - Nets sign Jerry Stackhouse
7/16/12 - James Johnson traded from Toronto to Sacramento for second round pick

7/15/12 - Knicks unlikely to match Houston's offer to Jeremy Lin

7/14/12 - New Orleans matches Phoenix's offer and retains Eric Gordon
7/14/12 - Raymond Felton to be signed and traded from Portland to New York with Kurt Thomas for Jared Jefferies, Dan Gadzuric, draft rights to Kostas Papanikolaou and Giorgos Printezis and second round pick
7/14/12 - Knicks decline to match Toronto's offer to Landry Fields
7/14/12 - Brendan Haywood awarded to Charlotte
7/14/12 - C.J. Watson agrees to contract with Nets

7/13/12 - Mavericks claim Elton Brand off amnesty waivers
7/13/12 - Kwame Brown agrees to deal with Philadelphia for 2 years, $6 million
7/13/12 - Pablo Prigioni signed by Knicks

7/12/12 - Pacers trade Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones to Dallas for Ian Mahinmi
7/12/12 - Pacers sign Gerald Green
7/12/12 - Mavericks anmesty Brendan Haywood, may bid for Brand
7/12/12 - Minnesota amnesties Darko Milicic
7/12/12 - Pacers agree to deal with D. J. Augustin
7/12/12 - Charlotte agrees to contract with Ramon Sessions, release D.J. Augustin
7/12/12 - Bucks re-sign Ersan Ilyasova
7/12/12 - Jeremy Lin to return to Knicks
7/12/12 - Boris Diaw will return to Spurs
7/12/12 - Roy Hibbert re-signs with Pacers, George Hill too
7/12/12 - J.J. Hickson re-signs with Portland
7/12/12 - Houston amnesties Luis Scola

7/11/12 - Dallas reaches agreement with Chris Kaman for 1 year $8 million
7/11/12 - Nets reach deal with Brook Lopez for four years $61 million
7/11/12 - Gerald Wallace re-signs with Nets
7/11/12 - Tim Duncan re-signs with Spurs for three years, $36 million

7/10/12 - Lou Williams agrees to deal with Hawks
7/10/12 - Rashard Lewis to sign with Miami
7/10/12 - Dorell Wright traded from Golden State to Philadelphia for Edin Bavcic who goes to Charlotte for Jarrett Jack who goes to Golden State
7/10/12 - J.R. Smith re-signs with Knicks

7/9/12 - Marcus Camby traded from Houston to Knicks for Toney Douglas, Josh Harrelson, Jerome Jordan, second round picks in 2014 and 2015 and cash
7/9/12 - Danny Green re-signs with Knicks for three years, $12 million
7/9/12 - Steve Novak will stay with Knicks for four years, $15 million

7/8/12 - Kirk Heinrich returning to Chicago for mini mid-level exception
7/8/12 - Ryan Anderson sign-and-traded from Orlando to New Orleans for Gustavo Ayon

7/6/12 - Ray Allen headed to Miami
7/6/12 - Philadelphia signs Nick Young, amnesties Elton Brand

7/5/12 - Brandon Roy signs with Minnesota for two years $10.4 million
7/5/12 - Jeremy Lin agrees to four year, $28.8 million offer sheet from Houston
7/5/12 - Jason Kidd to sign with Knicks for 3 years, $9 million
7/5/12 - Kyle Lowry traded from Rockets to Raptors for Gary Forbes and a future first-round pick
7/5/12 - Jamal Crawford signs with Clippers for four years, $25 million, Billups re-signs

7/4/12 - Phoenix agree to terms with Goran Dragic for four years, $30 million
7/4/12 - Phoenix trades Steve Nash to Lakers for two first round picks, two second round picks, and $3.1 million.
7/4/12 - Eric Gordon agrees to max deal offer sheet with Suns
7/4/12 - Oklahoma City signs Hasheem Thabeet
7/4/12 - Michael Beasley agrees to deal with Suns for 3 years, $18 million
7/4/12 - Deron Williams re-signs with Nets for five years, $98.75 million

7/3/12 - Jason Terry to sign with Celtics (from Dallas)
7/3/12 - Joe Johnson traded from Atlanta to Brooklyn for Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar, DeShawn Stevenson, Jordan Williams, Johan Petro, and a draft pick
7/3/12 - Marvin Williams traded from Atlanta to Utah for Devin Harris

6/29/12 - Mo Williams traded from Clippers to Utah, Utah sends trade exception to Dallas, Lamar Odom traded from Dallas to Clippers.  Houston receives rights to Clippers 53rd pick (Furkan Aldemir), give cash considerations to Dallas.

6/29/12 - draft day trades:
Tyler Zeller (no. 17 pick) and Kelenna Azubuike traded from Dallas to Cleveland for Jared Cunningham (no.  24 pick), Bernard James (no. 33 pick), Jae Crowder (no. 34 pick)

Arnett Moultrie (no. 27) traded from Miami to Philadelphia for Justin Hamilton (no. 45) and future first round pick

2011-2012 Transactions

6/27/12 - Houston trades Samuel Dalembert, 14th pick in the draft [John Henson], future second round pick, cash to Milwaukee for Jon Brockman, Jon Leuer, Shaun Livingston and the 12th pick [Jeremy Lamb]

6/26/12 - Chase Budinger traded from Houston to Minnesota for 18th pick [Terrence Jones]

6/26/12 - Ben Gordon and future first-round pick traded from Detroit to Charlotte for Corey Maggette

6/20/12 - Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza traded from New Orleans to Washington for Rashard Lewis [waived] and a second round pick

6/18/12 - Mike Dunlap hired as new head coach of Charlotte Bobcats



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