Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cody Paul (and other fancy running backs)

The story of Cody Paul, YouTube sensation, has been chronicled thoroughly since the diminutive football player was dubbed "The White Reggie Bush" in 2007, not long after Bush had finished dropping jaws at USC.

A highlight video of Paul -- barely five feet tall -- breaking opponents' ankles as a 12-year-old went viral at the time and now has more than 8 million hits on YouTube.

A Southern California kid, Paul was predicted by some to attain stardom just like Bush, who won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints and currently is a running back for the Miami Dolphins.

It was a little premature for a kid in junior high school, and little initially was heard from Paul at the next level, Los Alamitos High School in Los Angeles.

But now a 5-foot-7, 170-pound feature back, Paul is back to turning heads as a high school senior.

*** [9/1/12]

Watching the end of the Hawaii-USC football, a backup USC RB, caught my eye.  He's no. 30, D.J. Morgan.  His moves reminded me of O.J. Simpson, though he's not as big.  Can't believe the guy is like third string.  And this guy rated OJ only the third best RB from USC.

Well for one thing, they have a returning 1000 yard runner in Curtis McNeil.  And another 1000 yard runner in Silas Redd, who transferred from Penn State.  And in the wings is a commitment from Ty Isaac who is the no.2 player at his position according to  He ran for 2114 yards with 45 touchdowns last season.

*** [8/24/13]

How about this Tavon Austin?  The guy was ridiculous in high school.

For some reason, he's kind of reminiscent of this Aquille Carr mix tape.  He could be the next Nate Robinson.  Bonus: And 1 Mix Tape Vol 1 (featuring Rafer Alston)

Still looking for the best run ever (in my memory) which was made by O.J. Simpson.  It's not here, but it's kind of fun to see (and hear Howard Cosell).  Here it is!  It's the one where he slips and falls, gets up, reverses field, then goes for the score.  It's here too, at least the part where he fell down.  It's part of the show Best Ever Runners by NFL Films.  Don't see the entire show online.  I think I might have it on VHS or Beta somewhere.  Gil Brandt rates OJ as no. 5 all-time.  I'd rate him no. 2.

And the second best run ever (in my memory) by Tommy Frazier the Nebraska quarterback.  Don't know if this is it?  It thought it was one where he faked out a bunch of guys rather than breaking tackles.  I would have though it would be here.  The second to the last run looks good.  Now I dunno.  Maybe it was somebody else.

And to be truthful, this run by Bo Jackson has to be the greatest run in football history.



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