Friday, October 02, 2009

Scott Junk on TUF

First off let's all give it up for Kimbo! He didn't get submitted and it was a weak TKO per Dana White and crew.

Leading up to the fight, Kimbo (Slice) had a crash course on takedown defense and getting up off his back. Take it, he only had eight days to prepare for Roy Nelson, the IFL Heavyweight Champion. Every day Kimbo showed up on time, ready to go, ready to learn, but your mind can't retain all defenses and escapes that he was being shown to do. It takes years to learn simple things, like keeping your hands up.

He fought smart, he didn't rush in! He looked for his shots and took them when he saw the openings.

I worked with Kimbo — a lot! — leading up to his fight and when we first started I was taking him down at will. By the third day, he had already grasped the defense techniques how not to get taken down and he showed that during his fight.

Rampage (coach Rampage Jackson) kept saying Kimbo is like a sponge, but like a sponge you can only soak up so much before it pours out the sides.


[10/16] Scott Junk on Wes Sims.

They hardly showed any of Wes Sims' hard work. He worked hard almost every day, and the days he couldn't train were due to injury. Before the fight started I told Wes use your length, don't play in the clinch with Justin Wren. Reason being Justin is a world class Greco-Roman wrestler. The clinch game for Justin is his bread and butter.

But when you're in the fight, sometimes you just do things. Justin put a body lock on Wes and just crushed him to the mat. From there Justin just schooled him. Passed his guard, mounted him, then put him to sleep with a head and arm.

Wes just underestimated Justin and paid the price. I felt bad for Wes, but at the same time I was very happy for Justin. He is an awesome person and worked hard for his victory.

[10/30] Scott Junk on his fight with Matt Mitrione

[11/6] Team Rampage gets one win



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