Saturday, August 01, 2009

1984: a heck of a year

When MidWeek first appeared July 18, 1984, your humble servant of bombastic prose was not even a glint in an editor’s eye. Which is good because such imagery is rather disturbing.

The 84th year of the century found yours truly slinging frozen, hormone-laden beef patties for laughable wages while attempting to escape the grasp of hair metal through an individual campaign of standard depravity and trying to determine the backfire needed to lift a 454 off an engine stand after altering the timing. Playing chicken with spark plug wires was also a favorite pastime, as was testing the breaking point of a ‘72 Chevy pickup.

The 16th year before the new millennium was also memorable for things that didn’t teeter on the illegal or blow past standards of immoral behavior. It was also a heck of a year in sports.


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