Thursday, July 24, 2008

Greg McMakin is a friendly person

In the 30-step walk to the hotel elevator, McMackin spotted a maid. He said, "Hi," and, few minutes later, she was offering best wishes for the coming football season.

"I like people," said the first-year University of Hawai'i head football coach, who also engaged in conversations with a waiter and restaurant hostess.

These days, McMackin is a most happy fella.

It is six months since he succeeded June Jones, who orchestrated the most successful football season in school history.

McMackin's first recruiting class, constructed in a frenetic three weeks, drew raves from computer geeks.

And he is well liked. UH offensive coordinator Ron Lee mused that McMackin shakes more hands "than Obama." He has not met a speaking invitation he did not accept.

"I've always been a friendly person," McMackin said. "My wife is that way, too. And it's easier to be that way in Hawai'i because the people of Hawai'i are the same way. I'm amazed by the response we've received. I know I'm on my honeymoon. We haven't played any games, and we had a great season last year. There's a lot of enthusiasm. I feel really responsible to do a great job because of the faith of the administrators, coaches, players and fans. I take this as a very serious responsibility."


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